Planting Spring Bulbs

We planted some spring bulbs this week.  We actually bought them a couple of weeks ago, but the weather has been so mixed we haven’t managed to actually plant them until now.  It was cold, so they wore their new all-in-one suits, and windy, which meant Little Miss was knocked over a few times!

We had a pot in the garden which already had some compost in it, and we pulled out the weeds and found a ladybird!

We opened the bags of bulbs, and the children nestled them into the pot.  We talked about making sure the pointy bit was pointing up at the sky so the flowers could grow in the spring.  The children thought the bulbs looked like onions.  Which they do.  I wasn’t planning on putting them all in, but they loved doing it so much they carried on until they were all gone.

When I moved the bag of compost a tiny toad hopped out from underneath and went to hide behind the pot!

The children helped to scoop the compost out of the bag and into the pot to cover the bulbs so they could have a sleep over the winter.  Little Man wasn’t too sure about this – he kept trying to dig them up again!

We planted some winter violas at the top of the pot.  Little Man helped to take the plants out of the tray and we didn’t lose any, even when he just grabbed and pulled!  We filled the watering can and gave everything a big drink.

When we had finished, we went inside to warm (and wash!) our hands and have a snack.  I switched the computer on and connected my camera, so we could have a look at the pictures of our planting adventure and talk about what we had been doing.  It’s great to have their winter suits now; the children were lovely and warm while they were outside and they could get as mucky and wet as they liked!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

7 thoughts on “Planting Spring Bulbs

  1. These all in one suits are brilliant for keeping them warm and their clothes clean, also a soft landing when they fall! I love the way they are so engaged in every activity they do, they will love seeing their daffodils spring into life in a few months time. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    • It’ll happen soon enough, then you’ll be longing for the days when they stayed put!! They are fab suits, I can highly recommend them :)

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