Autumn Leaf Suncatcher

Autumn Leaf Suncatcher from Two of EverythingWe went on a wet and windy welly walk the other day, hunting for Autumn leaves.  Autumn is so late this year it was actually quite difficult to find many on the ground – but we found enough to make this Autumn Leaf Suncatcher when we got home.  We left the soggy leaves to dry off a little, then I set up this activity for the children to explore.

We made our Suncatcher on the light table but you could use a large mirror instead, or even just do it on the table top.  All you will need for this is some sticky contact paper – the kind you may have used to cover your school exercise books, back in the day!!  Just tack a large sheet of it to your surface, at each corner, with tape.

I sorted the leaves into two baskets; one for the large leaves and one for the small ones, which meant we could talk about the sizes of the leaves as well as the colours and shapes.  As we did this on the light table it was really easy to see the veins in the leaves too, which you can also see clearly when you fix your suncatcher to the window at the end.

The children stuck their leaves carefully to the contact paper.  Autumn Leaf Suncatcher (1)

I was interested to see how Max started by making a line of the same leaves;  he often lines things up in his play.

Autumn Leaf Suncatcher (2)

Max decided he needed a bit of extra height!

Autumn Leaf Suncatcher (3)

Autumn Leaf Suncatcher (4)

When all the leaves were gone, I stuck another piece of contact paper over the top and we smoothed it down, feeling and listening to the leaves crackle underneath as we ran our hands over them.  I stuck the finished masterpiece on the playroom window with some tape and it looks fantastic!

This is a really quick and easy activity to set up and a great way to bring the outside, inside – helping children to connect with the world around them.

You could also check out this lovely idea at Nurturestore which uses a ‘Sticky Picture Frame’ to make leaf art.

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    • Thank you :) There’s something really compelling about collecting lovely leaves, isn’t there? I still love it as much as the children!

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